Translation of "Prasnottara Ratna Maalika" - Verse-51

Verse 51 - Meaning:
Q:Who (ko) is endowed with abundance (dhanyah)?
A:A Sannyaasi - or the one who has renounced everything. (samnyaasii)
Q:Who (ko) is to be honoured (maanyah) ?
A:That one who is a scholar (panditah) and possesses a good character as well. (saadhuh)
Q:Who is (kah) fit to be served (sevyo)?
A:One who is liberal in giving gifts.(yo-daataa)
Q:Who is (ko) liberal in giving gifts (daataa) ?
A:He who satisfies (yo-arthi-trptim) those who are in need. (aatanute)